I would like to dedicate this project to the following people:


1.    Uncle Frank.  

Without whom this project would never have been started.
I was privileged, along with my wife Janet to talk to Uncle Frank shortly before he died. (perhaps it was providence). He talked in depth about how our family was bound together. He may have been a little afraid of it breaking apart, and he passed on important information to myself that has been priceless in putting together our history. 

God Bless Uncle Frank.  

2.    George Casey (Snr.) 

The Grandad I would have loved to have known.  
Sadly he died when I was 4 yrs. old in 1966. I have been told by many members of the family that whenever there was a family gathering, he was always there, organising games and entertainment or just performing to keep one-and-all happy. This is shown clearly in his love of the theatre and his involvement in plays and Pantomimes that he directed and starred in. He loved his children, whom he taught the skills of theatre, and even to this day they can perform (and they do) like professionals!

God Bless George Casey. 

3.    My Mum and Dad. 

My Parents are the solid bedrock on which my life has been built.
With the foundation so secure, I have always felt safe and protected. I admire and look up to my mum and dad, and of course I love them dearly.

God Bless Madge and Reg. 

4.    My Wife. 

Janet Casey She is wonderful, she is my Soulmate, she gave me two wonderful boys and I love her.

God Bless Janet


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